The Monster Mash Train is Back!

Trains run from the 22nd October to the 31st October for the Halloween Train.   

Dust off your broomsticks and join us for our Halloween Monster Mash event at the Amber Springs Hotel. 

 The village comes alive with Frankenstein, ghouls and spooky skeletons AND we encourage all our little Halloween visitors of all ages to come along in their scariest costumes with some ghoulish goodies up for grabs!  

Enjoy our wicked, creepy, monsters and scary performers in our Halloween Village, filled with sweet treats and different candies all while solving our mysterious clues to find our spooky Dracula.    

Book Tickets!


There is NO TICKET REFUND – please check your basket, your dates of travel, time of train BEFORE processing to payment as we cannot provide TICKET REFUNDS.  In exceptional circumstances we may be able to help for this there will be a handling fee of €20 PER booking.